the sun's coming out
it's a latter day tomorrow
*laughs at frequencies only dogs should hear*


me ft. almost titty

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"what did you even do before you joined tumblr"

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How many total songs?


Sort by song title – first and last?

First: A-B-C - Hot Chip 

Last: 83 - John Mayer

Sort by time – shortest and longest?

Shortest: I’m So Lonely - Rivers Cuomo (0:19)

Longest: Peeping Tom - Placebo (14:11)

Sort by Album – first and last?

First: (A) Katy Perry

Last: 808s and Heartbreak

Sort by Artist – first and last?

First: Alexis Jordan

Last: 3OH!3

Find the following words. How many songs show up?

Sex: 10

Death: 40, all but 5 being Death Cab for Cutie songs

Love: 199

You: 406

Home: 70

Boy: 91

Girl: 49

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may & i’s theme song <333333


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[Picture: Background: 6 piece pie style color split with pink, light green, and white alternating Foreground: A green, scaly crocodile Top text: “AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE ” Bottom text: “CRY WHEN LENNIE GETS KILLED. SHRUG IT OFF WHEN YOU FAIL THE TEST.”]

For those of you Mice and Men fans out there.

True facts.That happened to me.

HAHAAAA I reblogged this over two years ago. Little sophomore me didn’t know I would get 5’s on Language and Literature.

The kicker? I wrote my open-ended question on the Lit test using Of Mice and Men.

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A deserted shore stretches along in front of you, but there’s nothing of interest to be found today.


Sorry! This is not a winning spin.


You wait around for a bit, but nothing seems to happen. Best be on your way.


Your hands glow blue for a moment… Awww.. nothing happened :(


Curses! The path has lead to a dead end. Perhaps you should try your luck again tomorrow.


The Water Faerie says a few magical words and… Wet Snowball appears in her hand. She hands it to you… ‘Use this wisely!’.


The Kiosk Wocky says ‘Sorry, no luck this time :(‘

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These are all from the same episode


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oh my dearu sgdsfgjn skdf

I still think about this a lot and it makes me really happy. My favorite part is that initially, she spelled my name wrong; she deleted it and tweeted me over again with my name spelled right.

Alice Ripley took the extra time out of her day to spell my name right and if that’s not beautiful then I

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