the sun's coming out
it's a latter day tomorrow
*laughs at frequencies only dogs should hear*

Stephanie Meyer had an incredible influence on my music taste. No, hear me out. Her website (which, incredibly, has the same layout it had in 2008) has playlists for each Twilight novel (yes, even the fifth-never-finished book).

She introduced me to Coldplay, Muse, and Linkin Park properly when I was in sixth grade. It’s freaking weird.

And our tastes are still compatible. I haven’t looked at her website in six years and lo and behold she has OK Go and Placebo songs on her playlists. OK Go and Placebo are some of my favorite bands.

She also likes Arcade Fire. It doesn’t make the Twilight series any better but I have more respect for her now lmao.

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I’m trypophobic. It’s a rational response of fear or disgust to collections of small holes—lotus seed pods or honeycombs for example.

I would feel small bits of this as a child in relation to the bubbles in the suds in my bathtub and I thought I was strange. But it’s actually part of the body’s negative response to infection. It’s probably also why I am severely freaked out by pictures of skin infection or rash

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I’m losing my voice right now. I sound like I smoked ten thousand cigarettes.

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I’m better at Splat-a-Sloth when I’m high on promethazine, apparently.

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Getting teardrops freaks me out. I always experience shortness of breath and I feel very faint and dizzy after I finally get them in.

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I can make myself cry on command by singing “Funny Girl” or “My Man”.

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